demnächst im topkino



Louie Schwartzberg US, 2019
81 min., OmdU


Jason Cortlund Julia Halperin US, 2012
93 min., OmdU


Luca Lucchesi DE, 2020
92 min., OmdU
Das sizilianische Dorf Siculiana leidet unter den üblichen Problemen ländlicher Orte: die Jungen gehen, die Alten bleiben zurück. Ihre Einwohner sind äußerst katholisch, predigen christliche Werte und verehren eine schwarze Jesusfigur. Im selben Ort, jedoch in einer scheinbar parallelen Welt, wartet eine Gruppe von Geflüchteten aus Ghana auf ihre Asylbescheide. Der Alltag im Dorf wird zu einer Kulisse für eine moderne Parabel, in der sich die Ironie dieser Situation zu einer subtilen Kritik an europäischer Heuchelei entfaltet.


Evi Romen AT, BE, 2020
107 min., dt. OV
Der sensible Mario und sein Jugendfreund Lenz möchten mit Anfang 20 die Enge ihres Südtiroler Dorfes hinter sich lassen. Lenz, Sohn reicher Eltern, hat dafür eindeutig die besseren Lebenskarten in der Hand als der Träumer Mario. Sie reisen nach Rom. Doch plötzlich wird alles anders.


Apolena Rychlíková CZ, 2020
54 min., OmeU


Florian Peter 26 min., OmdU
Als die Hauptstadt von Pecata von einer plötzlichen Krise heimgesucht wird, werden Charles Bonwits und Vivian Lee, selbsternannte Kämpfer der Gerechtigkeit, auf die finstere Spur eines korrupten Cops geführt - nichts ahnend, dass jemand anderes schon lange im Dunkeln seine Pläne schmiedet…


Hannes Starz AT, 2021
92 min., OmeU
Anna (Valerie Pachner) liebt ihre Jugend, ihre Freund*innen, Drogen, Partys und Musik. Sie kämpft hart mit den immer schwieriger zu übersehenden Anzeichen, dass auch sie erwachsen werden soll, und tut alles, um dieser Realität zu entfliehen. Doch dann lässt ein folgenschweres Ereignis ihre Routinen plötzlich einbrechen. Die Geschichte eines harschen Coming-of-Age mit David Öllerer aka Voodoo Jürgens sowie Auftritten von Alicia Edelweiss, Bulbul und anderen.

02.10.: Filmgespräch mit Hannes Starz, Valeria Pachner, Voodoo Jürgens und Tinka Fürst, Moderation: Manuel Fronhofer

und DJ-Set mit DJ Andi Fettkakao!


Sergio Corbucci IT, 1966
93 min., OmdU
So sehr wir Tarantino und seine filmischen Diebstähle auch schätzen, im Rahmen der Sunday Classics zeigen wir im Oktober den originalen DJANGO von 1966, mit Franco Nero in der Hauptrolle. Dieser wird diesen Herbst übrigens stolze 80 Jahre alt, was natürlich nur ein Grund mehr ist, seine ikonischste Filmrolle nochmal hochleben zu lassen.


Marion Neumann CH, 2021
90 min., OmdU
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Ryan White US, 2019
100 min., OmeU
Let's talk about sex? Sure!

And who's better at it than Ruth Westheimer, a small but vivacious lady with a strong German accent! “Dr. Ruth”, as she was called on American radio and television, was not afraid to speak up in the 1980s and became a pop icon for her frank advice on sex. Without a trace of shame, she shared her expertise with empathy, charm, humor, and infectious openness. But “Dr. Ruth” even had a lot to tell beyond her public persona - about her childhood in an Orthodox Jewish Family in Germany, about being an orphan in Switzerland, about her years in Palestine or her three marriages.

In cooperation with Jüdisches Film Festival Wien.
Porn Film Festival Vienna

MR. LEATHER with pre-film OINK!

diverse diverse, 2020/21
127 min., OmeU
Shown and presented in cooperation with LMC Vienna Hard ON

Mr. Leather, Daniel Nolasco, Brazil, 2019, 85', Portuguese OV & EN subs

The shocking and sexually explicit new documentary “Mr. Leather” invites you to embrace your deepest and darkest desires. Take a front-row seat as five individual contestants vie for full leather dominance! The winner will be crowned the first official Mr. Leather of Brazil. Along with victory comes a year-long commitment to promoting the leather community throughout the country. As sailors and sadists alike arrive in town, writer-director Daniel Nolasco, making his feature-length film debut, follows all the action in voyeuristic detail, creating gorgeous and intensely provocative compositions that celebrate the unique power of this thriving subculture.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Anoushka FR, 2020
91 min., OmeU
“Vivante” by director Anushka is a remarkable feature that explores new paths of porn by interweaving issues of “disabled” bodies, sexuality, and sex work.

Lou and Charlotte meet each other during a dance lesson and begin a passionate love story, which ends abruptly when Lou has a bicycle accident. After the accident Lou is in need of a wheelchair, which makes her feel like she is a burden to her girlfriend and fall into a deep depression. In order to help her girlfriend to rediscover her passion and sexuality, Charlotte turns to a sexual assistant, who finds a way to support Lou in her healing process. Step by step Lou learns to accept her body and Charlotte and Lou can find a way to reenter their passionate love story.

MEN OF TURKEY: Re-visiting gay ethnic pornography between Germany and Turkey

This lecture will focus gay ethnic pornography between Germany and Turkey considering the cross-segmented relationship between post-colonialism, sexualities, Orientalism and re-Orientalization.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Tomer Heymann DE, IL, 2018
106 min., OmeU
Director Tomer Haymann followed Jonathan Agassi, one of the world’s most successful gay porn stars, for several years through different stations of the sex industry. The film captures the birth and genesis of the carefully curated, larger-than-life porn persona Agassi and his fame that is substantially based on breaking taboos. It is a film about sexual fantasies, the world of porn between Israel and Germany, but also about a loving and encouraging mother-son-relationship that challenges common family concepts. “Jonathan Agassi saved my life” not only focuses on Agassi’s stardom and his revolutionary impact on the porn industry, but also on the backstage experience of a destructive lifestyle.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Heleni Smuha Clara Ràfols Pérez ES, 2020
64 min., OmeU
Seven women and one non-binary person of different ages and sexualities embark on a journey towards a deeper understanding of their relationship with masturbation. The protagonists narrate their personal experiences in spoken interviews and through writing, allowing them to delve into their memories, emotions, and personal transformations concerning a subject that for almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has been taboo. Talking about different techniques, sex toys or how masturbation had affected their relationships, the protagonists create a sphere for normalization of female self-pleasure and provide inspiration to continue these conversations.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Candy Flip Theo Meow DE, 2019
82 min., OmeU
Four depressive teenage girls withdraw from patriarchal society to start a new life in a mountain hideout. Isolated from society, they transform their misery and melancholia into pornography for their web project "The Sad Girls of The Mountains" and use the money they earn to fund their survival and to support Kurdish militia groups. The girls see their sadness as an act of countercultural resistance and want to weaponize the so-called male gaze. The arrival of two reporters intending to make a documentary about them changes the dynamics in their feminist micro-utopia.

A mockumentary stuffed with witty social criticism!
Porn Film Festival Vienna


Philipp Fussenegger Dino Osmanovic AT/DE/US, 2020
80 min., OmeU
Tisch “The Tigress” Thomas was born to be on stage. The 47-year-old mother and grandmother had toughened up her body - as much as her mind - during her transformation into a bodybuilder and stage goddess. “I Am The Tigress” captures her most spectacular stage performances as well as her most fragile moments behind the scenes.

The documentary shows “The Tigress” moving from her work as a dominatrix to the intimate circle of her family and friends. It portrays a woman that seems to be the incarnation of body positivity, and at the same time is a vulnerable person fighting against self-doubt and social discrimination.
Porn Film Festival Vienna


André Medeiros Martins BR, 2020
80 min., OV
After avant-garde experiments like “Penis Poetry” and “Alfredo doesn’t like goodbyes”, director André Medeiros Martins is back with a new project called “Sexual Alphabet”. The film portrays Andrés' current love affair with his boyfriend Hudson de Carvalho from a set of pornographic and psychedelic experiments that forge both the couple and their doubts regarding the very condition of the romance they are experiencing.

Torn between the non-monogamous porn sceneries that he creates in his films and his personal desire for conventional relationship concepts, director Andrés Medeiros Martins offers a collage-like cinematic reflection about his sexual life.


Václav Marhoul CZ, UK, SI, 2019
169 min., OmdU
Die fantastisch besetzte Romanverfilmung „The Painted Bird“ ist mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit der verstörendste Kinofilm des Jahres 2021 und steht in lautstarkem Dialog zum sowjetischen Antikriegs-Meisterwerk KOMM UND SIEH.

CURVEBALL - Wir machen die Wahrheit

Johannes Naber DE, 2020
108 min., dt. OV
Der neue Film von Johannes Naber („Zeit der Kannibalen“): fesselnd, absurd, so ernsthaft wie komisch – und nach einer wahren Geschichte.


Jasmin Baumgartner AT, 2020
93 min., OmeU
Eine Fußballmannschaft voller Underdogs. Der gutherzige Ex-Häftling Robin, der kein Blatt vor den Mund nimmt, ist Präsident seines eigenen Amateur-Fußballvereins in Österreich, der mit schwankendem Erfolg in den unteren Ligen herumdümpelt.


22.10. Top Kino: Filmgespräch mit Jasmin Baumgartner, Dominic Spitaler, Mathias Writze, Robin & Papy

30.10. Schikaneder: Im Anschluss Robin on the decks + Filmgespräch mit Jasmin Baumgartner, Dominic Spitaler, Mathias Writze, Robin & Papy