[+] (Plus) is a non-profit organization dedicated to vitalizing so-called “experimental film”, those films and audio-visual media works with innovative quality and beyond any existing categories: feature, animation, documentary etc.

[+] creates opportunities to introduce experimental films domestic and abroad, especially those which have seldom or never been shown to Japanese audience.

[+] has no particular space for screening. We look for the most suitable venue for each project in order to display our selected works in their best conditions. We also hope to make our event more accessible to wider-range of the public.

[+] issues magazines in relation to our screenings. We are hoping that our critique and research on experimental films will contribute to open up a new possibilities of new film culture.


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by Shinkan Tamaki (2012, 15min)

Music by Tetuzi Akiyama + Toshimaru Nakamura
from "Semi-Impressionism"(Spekk KK020)
Aspect ratio 4:3 B&W, Original format 16mm


I went on a journey by water. I had been gazing at the calm sea for hours on the back deck. Before my eyes was endless sky, the nearly leaning sea horizon, strong sunlight shining on the surface of the water, and trails on the sea traced by the ship. The sound were of the engine and waves, vibrations propagated through the ship hull, and a pleasant breeze. I`m trying to sense every moment. I am here to watch the sea. Thinking this, I will daydream even before I know it. Occasional whistles make the scene in front of me clear.


Shinkan Tamaki

Filmmaker.born in 1982, in Japan. At the age of 20, I met the film works of Stan Brakhage who is the experimental filmmaker in the USA. I received a big impact. I picked up old 8mm camera by chance in the dump site the several days later. After that, I started production with 8mm・16mm films. The work is chiefly silent. However, I try to expand not only the eye-sight but hearing. Moreover, to extract the materiality of the film to its maximum, I develop it by myself. I might be making a film as material rather than producing the cinema.




by Rei Hayama (2012, 16min)

Music by Rei Hayama
Aspect ratio 16:9 color, Original format HDCAM

Like animals are originally one of their main motifs of emblem, image for researching threatened bird species was used in EMBLEM as a fiction but not a documentary.
transforming of our viewpoint against the world is occur to us especially when we deeply thinking the relation between us and the other lives. light of [EMBLEM] is completely projected on to the audience. it is dedicated to the act of searching relations. and it will let us re-picture the world.


Rei Hayama

Born in Japan, 1987. Rei had started filmmaking since 2008. Her big interest and theme are the relations between wildlife and human in present. She`s also one of a co-founder and organizer of [+]. (one of the most provocative and active Experimental film screening project in Japan.)




by Makino Takashi (2009, 15min)

Music by Colleen (Cecil Schott)


The film version of the installation exhibition "while we are here" which Takashi Makino and Ryota Aoyagi performed in 2007. The feeling which emerges when I heard the sentence "while we are here". Finally I found a lot of stories of life and death, and these stories looked moment and eternity.

Makino Takashi

Filmmaker born in 1978, lives and works in Tokyo. In 2001, Makino moved to London by himself to study music and lighting design at the atelier of the Brothers Quay. In 2009, his work "Still in Cosmos" won the Grand Prix at the 25FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival, the world`s largest experimental film festival. He continues to produce and exhibit films that make full use of the various techniques and methods harnessed from the twin media of film and video, treating both the image and its accompanying music as elements of equal importance.



total 45.5min


Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung vom Kontraste Festival Krems!


MAKINO TAKASHIs neue Live Performance ist in der Minoritenkirche Krems am 13. Oktober um 22.00 zu sehen.